I was originally prescribed Ipamorelin by my physician. I was given a 9mg bottle and told to mix with 10 mg bac water and injecti .30 units once nightly.. I have been told by several people that i should be using CJC1295 with the Ipamorelin to boost results (i saw none with ipamorelin alone) .My physician doesn’t prescribe CJC1295, so I purchased 5, 2 mg bottles of the each (5 Ipamorelin ) (5 CJC1295) from a respectable company. I am having trouble figuring out A. How much water to use to activate and B. How much to inject. I was told by a friend .5 units twice a day of each.(morning and evening) Using two separate syringes but this seems like such a small amount. It’s been extremely difficult to find consistent information on this. Is anyone else using this combo? If so what is the proper dosage? Any help on this would be great!