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    So now that I'm on HRT. How do I stay on?

    Here the readers digest story. Did gear for 4 1/2 years came off to keep my job (long story). My body never recovered no matter how much PCT I did. Finally went to a Euro. & my test levels were between 150-400ng...not good. But with me peaking from time to time at 400ng. My Doc wasn't ready to give me the good stuff yet. So I got the gel & had one more f/u appointment. Well what do ya know the gel didn't do jack. Last lab was 132ng...JACKPOT!!!. Walk out with a 'script for the good stuff.

    So now how do I stay on for an indefinite period? 200mg of TestE ain't a mass builder but beats the gel or no test at all. I plan on just following the Doc orders & I'm already feeling great. When I f/u in a few months what are the right things to say to keep this thing going. Stop a few weeks early to let my test levels go down.

    Now let's say I hypthetically have a stash of Sust & wanted to slip in 250mg here & there. I'm subject to random test (basically I got popped b4). I have my 'script it's for test & if all I'm taking is test products ie Sust, Prop or the gel. I should only test positive for Test right or will it p/u on the 4 esters in the Sust or something different like Prop. Test is Test to me & I'm not entirely dumb. I'll avoid EQ, Winny, Tren ect,ect. But bottom line my stuff came from a Doc with the medical documentation to prove it & unless I f*ck up (and please let me know if I am) I got exactly what I wanted & want to stay on it.

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    This is at your doc discretion. It depenends on how progressive he is. Tell him you feel great. Energy is up, libido up and that you feel like you have sense of well being.

    When do you do your blood work levels in relation to the last shot? If you are worried I would think two weeks would take the levels down. Be ready for the roller coaster, inconsistent test levels are a bitch on your energy.

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    If you doc ever thinks that your nuts are going to majicaly just start working properly again then that when you get a different doc. HRT is for life. If you need it now you will always need it. Just dont screw up and use too much extra right before he tests you. He might think he needs to back off the dose.

    As for the other testing situation i would use prop instead of sust. it will be easier to control when you think you might get called in for a test. Sust can last 3-4 weeks. not good...

    More that 150 to 200mg per week for too long is not healthy so if you are going to add to you trt, be carefull.


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    If it were me I think I would not take a chance with my job. but that is just me. i would also use T-CYP and not TestE. But that is also my peference. I would also get to a point that I have all my hormones dialed in and then add something to my HRT for a cycle. But remember the extra might spoil you to the point that you feel like shit when you come the cycle and go back to the HRT dose or meds. I have never done a cycle so I am not the best person to be giving advice. Just my thoughts

    good Luck

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    edrocrinologist can help more than urologists & do your blood work 4 weeks after the last shot.

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