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    Exclamation Pain at injection site

    I'm hoping someone can help me out. Let me begin with a little background. Iím 43, have been getting fatter over the past few years despite all my work outs, cardio and jiu jitsu. Iíve been getting a lot more injuries and am weaker physically than ever. So I decided to research HRT and come up with my own plan. I've been on 2 IUs of HGH 5 times per week for the past 10 weeks and am beginning to see some changes. Iím also taking 200 mgs of DHEA orally every day. Iím getting a little size some strength gains and people are noticing changes in my physique. I plan is to introduce Test into the equation. I have 1 bottle of test p @ 100 mg/ml and 1 bottle of test e @ 300 mg/ml. I also upped my HGH to 3 IU 5 times per week. It was suggested for me to front load for the first two weeks to get my levels up. So I mixed 1 ml of both tests in the same syringe for my Saturday dose and then 1 ml of test p on Wednesday. After 2 weeks I was going to just do the 1 ml of the test e until the bottle is finished. I also just started taking .25 mg of Arimidex every other day.

    Hereís my problem. My first shot of test was injected into the meaty part of my shoulder using a 25g x 5/8Ē four days ago. I have been in incredible pain beginning 2 hours after my first, and only test shot. My shoulder is so swollen and is extremely tender to the touch. Iíve been living on extra strength aspirin and ice packs. I can barely scratch my head with that arm. Iím afraid to take my next dose. I have never had any issues with the HGH shots in my stomach and am baffled with this.

    Has anyone had this type of reaction? Can anyone suggest ANYTHING? The pain is finally beginning to lessen but I canít continue like this. Please help if you can.

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    after you inject into your shoulder rub it firmly for a while.... you can also put a heating pad on it for a little while, it should spread out the oil in it and help alleviate any pain

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    You wouldn't happen to be getting your gear from Mex, would you? I had the worst injection site pain when I took some test p from Mex. It would swell, ache, be hot, and actually form a lump wherever I shot it. If not that, it sounds like you may have gotten an infection. Since I switched to pharm grade test c, and making sure I wipe the plunger with alcohol before drawing it, I haven't had any probs. Good Luck bro.

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    Assuming it is not an infection it is the acid in the oil that causes the pain. You need heat not ice and you need to rub it. Also before you inject you need to warm that oil I like it at least body temp or better. You also need to put it in slow and easy into the muscle.(whichever you like) And then I like to exercise the muscle all this helps me. But sometimes its just a dull needle and it will hurt. I have never tried it but allot of people say if you mix it with injectable b12 there will be no pain at all.

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    many prop's can be painful and well as many underground lab injectables can have high alcohol content to keep it clean. They will also use more alcohol in the higher concentrations such as your 300mg per ml enanthate you are using. I warm mine up by running hot water from the tap over it before injecting it. This will thin it out like someone said. Heating pad after was a good idea too.

    Also, 2cc's of oil is a lot in the shoulder. i never go over 1 in my delts and 1.5 in my quads or ass. Try spliting it up if you are going to inject that much again. I think you will feel much better if you do all these things next time.


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