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Thread: TRT Questions

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    TRT Questions

    I have had low Testosterone for years and doing aas did not help things much. Seems I could get trt through an anti aging center but costs a bundle. Could try to go through my doc but worried bloods will show prior aas use. So my question is does anyone do there own trt. I can get pharm grade testosterone on my own and get labs every 6 months. Any advice or input would be greatly appretiated.

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    Bloods won't show prior AAS use. Even if they did, your Dr should still be willing to treat you. It's not their place to "let the damned suffer."

    You can self-medicate, but it's expensive, illegal, and unpredictable (as far as sources drying up or being non-legit)

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    agree with the funkster

    but yes there are some that go *******

    choice is yours

    where u located wiz
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    I agree with funk! give your doc a shot and see what he does!

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    It may take some doing, but make the effort & get under the care of a professional for this treatment. It's the safest route & remember, it's for life.

    I don't care how much we think we know. When you play Doctor, you have a fool for a patient. Just my $0.02...

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    All excellent responses from trusted advisers!!!

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