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    10 weeks on TRT and finally bloodwork.

    Hi guys,
    I have posted a few times on this site, but longtime lurker. I had a rough road in the beginning with my Doc. He put me on 200mgs once per month, then after retesting me 4 months later, my level actually dropped to 218 from 289. He then told me to go to 200mg every other week. I told him I have been researching TRT and thatI would prefer 100mgs once per week. He agreed to let me self inject that amount and 3months later I just got more bloodwork....
    I stressed to my Doc office that I really want to get a sensitive estrogen assay test also, as I am always worried about high estrogen for some reason.

    I go to pick up bloodwork today and this is what I get from the receptionist. ( injected on Sunday morning 100mgs and had blood drawn on Wednesday at noon.)

    Testosterone : 926
    Estrogen 159 ( she said less than 200 is normal) obviously this wasn't the sensitive test I had requested.
    Also with this is a message from Doc that test levels are a little high and he wants me to go to only injecting 100mgs once every 3 weeks! WTF? He recommends me to get retested in 3-4 months.

    I feel better than ever and am going to stay with my current protocol and tell him I tried it but felt like shit and went back to what was working.

    Just thought you guys might like to hear about my experiences. Thanks guys for having such an informative site for some REAL INFO!

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    That's great Fireguy, sounds like you're on the right path.

    I'm no guru but I think you've made a good call here as test cypionate and enathate have 14 day active lives, respectively. If you're anything like me, once a month is not a good idea and will only spike your bloods for the first 14 days, then a crash the following 14 days, particularity in the last week.

    Are you able to post up the rest of your bloodwork here? It would surely help the HRT pros here get a better picture of what's happening with you, if that's what you're interested in hearing. Personally, I'm very interested in your estrogen values.

    Someone should be along soon to comment.

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    I don't need to tell you about this Doc right?

    Does he understand the half life of Testosterone ?

    Does he understand aromatization and conversion to E2?

    Your E2 lab above, sensitive or not, is high and there are many diseases related to elevated E2.

    Get a sensitive panel right away either on your own or the need to know this (read the sticky on Estradiol Managenet at the top of the forum).

    Don't go off every week it will screw you up.

    Next time, get your blood pulled the day of your shot (don't take the shot wait till the appointment is over) your serum levels will be at the lowest point.

    HCG to protect your testes from atrophy???

    ^^^^Don't know why I just asked that as I know the answer LOL!

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    ^^^Agree. If your doc was astute with hormones he would be able to correlate the lab results with your injection time and see that all is well. Unfortunately, he's not. Do what GD said. If you happen to use Labcorp I can provide you with the correct code numbers for the sensitive assay so they don't screw it up!

    Read the below articles please. Hell, get them to your doctor!

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    This ---->Hell, get them to your doctor!

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    i think some docs like to treat the numbers. unless they are making money off your test prescription, they may just want to aim for the mid range for your test levels, not the top end, and not how you currently feel. not a good practice for sure...

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    Quite simply, you need a new doc.

    For what its worth, you seem to be at a decent dose given your metabolism and 100mg per week is probably about where you need to be.

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