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    Need Advice for Loss of libido

    Ill make this short, not to sweet though.

    Age: 22
    So about several months ago I took some Andromass and Androhard. I planed to take them for 8 weeks then start on my pct right afterwords. Here is what really happened:

    6 andromass ED x4 weeks
    3 androhard ED x4 weeks

    DAA took full bottle
    Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade took two servings...

    All products from Primordial Performance.

    Coming from what I thought was a good beginner cycle turned into a nightmare. The Sides were pretty miserable for me blurred vision, nausia, dizzyness, lethargic. I concluded that most of these sides came from the Liqua-Vade (I'm Hypoglycemic) which was in the caps and the sustain alpha. Hence why I discontinued the Sust so soon..
    Thankfully all my sides have gone away, except my rubber erections and libido. Some days its alright, others it is worse. I used to be very horny 24/7 after my workouts, when I wake up, before bed time, but now it just seems like I'm hardly ever get that feeling.

    I am an idiot for not running a "real" pct. which I think would of made things allot better for me.

    I have gone to the doctor, and she wanted to put me on some sort of trt, but I refused.

    I have some blood work done from before and after, however everything looks fine to me. I can get more numbers/ tests If I need too.

    Before Bloods:
    Total Test: 511
    LH: 2.8
    FSH: 2.9
    Estradiol: 40.6

    After Bloods:
    Total Test: 457
    LH 2.8
    FSH 3.3
    Estradiol: 39.4

    Should I run a proper pct? Should I go see an endo? Need some options and advice guys.
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    You need to seek out a well trained HRT specialist and get restarted.

    You're probably going to have to pay for this out of pocket...but it's worth it.

    Find the right Doc and get fixed...if you can.

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