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    I'm doing hrt I got my results back total testosterone was 617. The blood was taken two day before my next shot, which I'm taking .3 of a cc every wk of test cypionate which is approx 60mg been on hrt for 2 months now. Need to check my estrogen and free test too, not taking hcg so that worry's me. Considering me total test was 274 two months ago that is better, and I feel a lot better. I took testim cream for two months before and my levels went nowhere. Everywhere I read it seems they say cypionate is synthetic and not good for you like the gels. Please comment and give me some advice for those going through the same treatment. Thanks!

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    I believe I remember one of the gals saying that the old style of injectable test was synthetic but that the injectable test we have these days is natural...

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    cypionate is just bio identical testosterone , suspended in usually cottonseed oil. Many of the sides you 'might' experience will be many of the same sides you see as a teen (oily skin, acne, ...) Even hair loss due to downstream conversion to DHT via 5l-AR.

    The secret is pretty simple ... The body is naturally in a state of wanting to find balance, or call it homeostasis. So, find the balance! Get the right amount of testosterone, and the sides will be minimal. Frequent and small dosages will cut out the spikes, minimalizing the sides from E2 and/or DHT. Balance the variables upstream as well, starting with pregnenolone, down the line, and ensuring areas like the thyroid are well addressed.
    Take replenishment amounts and the cypionate protocol can work for life! Read up on some of the weekly protocols that involve multi-dosages of cypionate and HCG , administered via Sub Q, and you will find many members like myself enjoying a very safe, practical protocol. And better yet, I don't have to take any AI with the sub q program. I have ramped up for blast/cycle, so the IM and taking a small amount of AI is in play. But that's a short-term thing; nothing I'd want to keep my body in for more than 12 weeks.

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