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    5 months to see and Endocrinologist!??!

    I was just referred to go see an endocrinologist by my Urologist, and I've called up around 7 different doctors and so far every single one of them is booked until like may or June?! WTF

    Does anyone else have a hard time getting an appointment with an Endo? Or is this extreme demand for an endocrinologist, just a Philadelphia ( and surrounding area) thing?

    Can anyone here reccomend me a good Endocrinologist? It doesn't necessarily have to be in philadelphia, i can travel outside of philly a little bit to see a good one.

    If anyone remembers my story from an earlier thread. Basically i'm 25 years old and i have varioceles, I saw a variocele specialist recently and he doesn't want to touch the varioceles until i get a semen anaylsis test done.

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    Why not try

    They even have a travel package for new patients!
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    I am over in South Jersey and it is the same thing with any specialist.

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    I knew it was that bad in Canada for our long track of a horrible medical system, didn't know states had same problems. My solution was go to anti-aging or wellness center and start there. Keep your endo appointment and if he isn't an idiot(unlikely) keep with him and drop the clinic.

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    I'm not sure "how" I contact you privately,but give me shout.. I'm Philly area.Seeing 2 Diff Endocrons,one of them is at Jefferson and really cool young guy

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    It's the same over here in the UK dave i got referred a couple of wks ago from the doc a phoned the hospital and they said it will be about 12 wks before i will get seen.

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    There is no need to wait for appointments... Call

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