Hello, I am 40 yrs old 5' 11" and 220, I have been on tets cyp for trt about 8 months now my levels were low at about 258, they are now in the high 600's, I am in pretty good shape now I train weights 4 days a week but have a lil belly fat, but here is the issue , I have been battling a tendon injury and joint pain in my elbows, been seeing a sports therapist and it has helped, but I have decided to start taking deca300 in hopes to alleviate the pain. I have 2 bottles of deca and 2 bottles of test cyp on the way. The reason I got the extra cyp was because I hear deca will lower my test a lot , so i figured I will have increase the cyp. Also I have made good gains on the dose of 200mg every 10 days, but i want more size before the summer gets here. I plan on injecting both every 5 days now 300mg of cyp and 300 of deca. Will this be good? Will I need pct even though a have been on trt? . Just need advice on dosage for increasing cyp and dosage for deca. Thanks in advance!!