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    going to boost my trt . how much?

    Hello, I am 40 yrs old 5' 11" and 220, I have been on tets cyp for trt about 8 months now my levels were low at about 258, they are now in the high 600's, I am in pretty good shape now I train weights 4 days a week but have a lil belly fat, but here is the issue , I have been battling a tendon injury and joint pain in my elbows, been seeing a sports therapist and it has helped, but I have decided to start taking deca300 in hopes to alleviate the pain. I have 2 bottles of deca and 2 bottles of test cyp on the way. The reason I got the extra cyp was because I hear deca will lower my test a lot , so i figured I will have increase the cyp. Also I have made good gains on the dose of 200mg every 10 days, but i want more size before the summer gets here. I plan on injecting both every 5 days now 300mg of cyp and 300 of deca. Will this be good? Will I need pct even though a have been on trt? . Just need advice on dosage for increasing cyp and dosage for deca. Thanks in advance!!

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    This is more like a cycle/blast if your cranking up your test and adding a second compound, man. It'd probably be better to retitle it so that you're referencing the Deca and post it over in the Steroid Q&A section.

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    What is your full protocol? AI's, hcg ?
    Deca will not lower test. It's not test. It's a progestin, 19-Nor. Completely different compound with potential for different sides.
    Eight months is really not a long time to get dialed in on your TRT protocol.
    You mentioned joint pain. What is your E2 level? (sensitive assay)

    Before you consider a "blast" I'd suggest making sure you're dialed in with your protocol and your bloodwork is spot on. If not, do not consider it. Also you should consider managing your injuries first before worrying about adding size and strength which could basically result in making your injuries worse. Low-dose deca can help with joint issues (extra T won't) but again, it can have it's own peculiar side effects that you have to watch for. It does not aromatise but if your estrogen is not controlled it can cause prolactin related issues.

    So, think hard about this endeavor. Maybe work on healing first and while that's going on spend more time here and on the AAS Q & A forum reading and learning. We all learn every day here. And pct is not required when on TRT.



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