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    Hey all! 28 years old - 262ng (after multiple tests). Just pinned! Questions...

    Had various blood work done over the past few months. Highest ng? 262. How crazy is that? You'd think I was 80! I'm only 28. I'm extremely strict on my diet/routine, I know everyone says this but I weigh/track everything and have for years. Re-feed once a week (+500) pending goals. Before PL meets (165 class) I'll do a bigger re-feed. Only sitting at around 170/8-9% BF 5' 8. I definitely have some good size and people think I'm on even with the low T and having never been on but I gain fat just looking at bad foods and getting low, low bf is even harder - never really wondered why until I got my blood work.

    Not interested in dealing with the TRT Doctors around here (junk). Going to get blood work done every 2-3 months. All of my other levels were fine. No injuries. Have hcg /anti-e's on hand pending blood work results/itchy nips etc.

    Now for my questions:

    Yes, you probably don't here of undec too often (sometimes only injected once every 6 weeks). I could pin less frequently than a week but I feel like to keep my hormones/levels more in-sync that once a week will be good - no?

    I'm not looking to gain any size. I'm actually quite content with my size now - a few pounds I'll take with open arms however. Mostly doing this for quality of life.

    Having never been on but having been prone to acne in my younger years, do you think I will be prone to it now? I haven't had bad acne since my early 20's (it was pretty bad) so I'm hoping to keep my hormones as balanced as possible since this seems to cause it. Any ideas to help prevent this?

    Any other suggestions? Or things to take for prevention?

    300mg/week should put me in the high 1100-1400ng, right? If I decide to do a more TRT like cycle can I just drop down to 125-150mg/week without much worry?

    Any guys who have been on long term - still love it?

    Thanks guys. Been pretty down lately until today when I decided that quality of life is worth more than long-term sides of TRT. Have had no libido for the longest time as well.

    Also apologize for the amount of words here. Hands threw up

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    You could very well just be overtrained, undernourished, or both.

    The answer to your problems is certainly not going to be 300mg of testosterone per week under no care from a physician.

    What are your goals for this?

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    Are you referring to Nebido? If so, you're way off base. Listen to what HRT said above. You also need thorough blood work and a better doc who can interpret said blood work. There's a reason your T is low and you need a proper diagnosis first before you try and self-medicate, which we really don't recommend. You very well may cause more harm than good.

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