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    Can Adex lower E2 that fast?

    I'm not scheduled for bw for another 2 weeks but is it possible for adex 0.5 2x week to lower e2 this fast. 3 weeks ago I had sensitive nipps, low libido and ed issues. Had bw done and e2 was too high. With one .5 adex pill all seemed good on the libido the next day but I continued the twice a week adex .5 and 3x a week tamox protocal that doc suggested. Morning wood was great but libido was low and now no libido at all and morning wood is weak. Sensitive nipples have ceased so I stopped the tamox.

    Protocal before Adex and Tamox:
    80 ml Test E once a week
    500 HCG 3x a week (doc thought that hcg may be too high as I seem to convert to estrogen to quickly)

    Current Protocal:
    80 ml test E once a week
    250 HCG 3 x a week (notice testies shrinkage a bit)
    0.5 Adex 2 x week
    20mg Tamox 3x week (stopped as of last weekly dose)

    Last BW (4 weeks ago)
    Total Test 1148 (range 350-950)
    Free Test 50 (range 18-48)
    DHT 4424 (range 860-3400) seems a little high
    E2(not sensitive) 139 (40-161)
    SHGB 30 (10-55)

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    how is your hair with that much dht?

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    thinning but it was already happening. It's strange that with high DHT my libido is low. Should it not be the opposite?

    Also is it possible that my Test is too high causing the libido issues. If I were to go off Test and just stick with HCG would I need to do a pct? Only been on for 3 mths at around 80mg (started at 100).
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    adex kicks in within 24 hours.

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