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    whats my baseline number?

    Hi fellas,
    I inject 100mgs every Sunday morning. I have been doing this about a year now. No HCG or AI. I just went for bloodwork, which was drawn Friday afternoon ( about 5 1/2 days after injection). My test level came back at 660 and I am still waiting on Estrogen. Is drawing blood this far after injecting a good way to get true number? I can only imagine that number must have been higher on Wednesday ( as I have heard the peak is 48-72 hours after inject.) Would you say this is a good number to be at 5 1/2 days after shot? Thanks guys.

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    "baseline" is typically your number before starting testosterone therapy .

    The "peak" is arguably worthless for many men, as is the concept half lives. That is because these are all numbers drawn from aggregate data. In other words, it says nothing about YOU specifically. When it comes to your health, do you care more about averages or your own state of affairs? It's more important (like you're doing) to get labs done to see how your body reacts, rather than base decisions merely on reports from literature.

    I urge you to keep that in mind.

    As for the 660 number 5.5 days after injection, that's really damn good! Your number was higher the day before, but overall, you're probably sitting comfortably the entire 7 days in the normal to high normal range. That's generally where you want to be, with some people higher or lower going on symptoms.

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