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Thread: is HCG good for me ?

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    is HCG good for me ?

    i am 20 ,and i have low libido ,low strength , although my diet is good of protein,carbs,fats .....many eat less than and they have adaquete strength for any man !!!

    i think my testo is low due ,because for 6 years i always shower with hot water thinking that will make me cleaner and fresher !!! now i know that hot water my negatively affect my test levels. i did mesaure my test levels , it just 2.7 ng/ml !!!

    i searched for some medecines and find that aromasin and HCG will be effective for increase my natty test .

    aromasin can increase my free test 150%.

    also low dose pregnyl double testosteron if used for just 5 days !! and remained elevated! pretty good!!

    but i am concern if i can trust these studies or not ? and if these medicens can be safe for me ? or may decrease my natty test ?

    thanks in advance

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    hold on a minute mate! first you need to do a complete male hormone panel to find out why your test I slow and why you have these symptoms. hCG and AI's can only work based on a specific condition, and if you don't need it but still take it you could really screw your self up. you need to see a doctor.
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    ^^^^^Listen to bass. You need a full hormone panel and go to a doctor that is trained to interprete the results. Not only will the results properly Dx LowT but the cause of your low T as well from a simple hormone panel.

    FREE T

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    HCG ps is fine. It mimics LH and increases natural endogenous testosterone . If your Dx is secondary hypo. meaning low LH signal/lowT HCG will help raise serum testosterone and works great for younger guys by itself to keep T in an optimal range.

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    do you have a doctor? what did they say?

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    hcg works for many guys....but a lot dont feel any better. im on hcg now, and my workouts have been a lot actually making gains(lol)...but i dont feel much different elsewhere....maybe i have one more hair on me leg or chest, and maybe im slightly more confident...but maybe im just imagining these things....ill tell u one thing..hcg is really fun to inject.

    hrtstudent do u still inject test with a 31g needle and how does it draw?

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