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    Can you interpret these lab results for me?

    Well... I FIANLLY bit the bullet and went to one of those Testosterone clinics.
    My decision was based on my low quality erections. However the possible gains in the gym is almost equally as important to me.

    Yes, I've been a member of this site since 2005 and this is my first ever round of any ananabolic.
    Late bloomer I guess...
    I'm 42 years old..6'4...255 lbs.
    Working out on and off since 24.
    Got back into in seriously about 2 years ago {4-5 times a week} where I lost about 40 lbs of fat with diet and weights--Z E R O cardio.
    I do hold fat around my midsection and chest area.

    Blood test show me at:

    Testosterone, Serum---264 ng/dl
    Estradoil---21.0 pg/ml
    Prostate -Specific Ag--0.5
    Hemoglobin---14.6 g/dl

    Doctor said my Testosterone was low and put me on 150mg per week for 4 weeks then retest the blood.
    Because of a scheduling problem I have this week, I will be taking an ADDITIONAL 150mg in 3 days.
    After that, I will be only getting one 150mg per week.

    How bad is 264? I know it's low...but I'm not doomed am I?
    I know most answers can be found in the stickies and previous posts, but with my specific situation, is there any advice or insight you may have?
    Any thoughts on my bloodwork and dosage?
    I am sooooo happy I made this move. Judging by what I've read over the years, this has the potential to help me out a bunch.
    Your thoughts?

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    I am no expert what so ever. My 1st BW showed me at 217 for total T. I am 6'2" and 325lbs. He prescribed 70mg 2x week along with pregnenolone, and a Armour thyroid. Felt amazing 3 weeks-6 weeks them E2 jumped and felt like crap. Do you have more BW we can look at? There is a lot more to this than the four things you listed. And by the way I doubt your doomed, but this is a journey and takes time to get dialed in. I'm still working on my protocol. I HIGHLY recommend you discuss HCG with your doc, including that in my protocol made a world of difference.

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    264 is low but on some ranges (quest diagnostics for example) it's within range. Super low end. The range for Quest is 250-1100 ng/dl.

    Hemoglobin is good between 13.2 & 17.1.

    Did doc prescribe anything else? No blocker?

    When you get your next test, consider more blood work. I would add Lipids, CBC, Metabolic panel, Thyroid, PSA, LH, FSH, DHEAs, SHBG, free test, Vitamin D and switch your Estradiol to a sensitive assay.

    All your numbers will change, so you'll need to make sure you follow up with more blood work, even after your next 4 week appointment, so that you can get dialed into your TRT program and understand what it takes to maintain healthy levels.

    "It's human nature in a 'more is better' society full of a younger generation that expects instant gratification, then complain when they don't get it. The problem will get far worse before it gets better". ~ kelkel

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    Yes, you're doomed to higher testosterone levels .

    But seriously, what the hot chick above said is on target. 150mg is a good size dose in one sitting for TRT IMO and your Estrogen will spike so keep an eye on it. My bet is you'll need to titrate down a bit. Also consider splitting your dose and injecting every 3-4 days. Much easier to manage E2 and more stable T levels as well. The goal is to not need an AI at all if possible.

    On another note. You've been here for 7.5 years. We need to start working on your post count. You're averaging about 4 per month so I was wondering how your carpel tunnel is doing? JK!

    Post up on this thread when you get your next BW back!
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    I agree with everything those guys said.

    Post up the ranges that are on the blood work as well if you get the chance. That is the most accurate way to interpret the numbers.

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