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    Blood results. Feedback welcomed.

    Ok, so it's been over a months research.
    Can anyone interpret my bloods for me and give me some feedback.
    Never cycled before.
    Lost 8 lbs, around 18 % bf, but that's not bad for 53 yo.
    Blood pressure has been tested on 24 hour monitor.
    Average 126/76.

    Blood tests have returned, unfortunately it seems some values have not been, checked as follows.

    Blood glucose 5.4 mol/L
    Basophils count 0.1 10*9l
    Haematocrit 0.453 ratio
    Lymphocyte count 1.4. 10*9l
    Total white cell count. 3.8. 10*9l
    RBC 5.17. 10*12l
    Platelet count. 196. 10*9l
    Neutrophil count. 1.9. 10*9l
    Monocytes count. 0.4. 10*9l
    Mean corpuscular vol. 87.6 fl
    Mean corpuscular Hb. Conc. 336 g/L
    Mean corpuscular haemogloblin. 29.4 pg
    Haemogloblin estimation 152 g/L
    Eosinophil count. 0.1 10*9l
    GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 58u
    Serum globulin 28 g/l
    Serum C. Reactive protein level. 7mg/l
    Serum total protein 69 g/l
    Serum sodium. 142 mmol/L
    Serum potassium. 5 mmol/L
    Serum creatinine 115 umol/L
    Serum bilirubin level 12 Umol/L
    Serum alanine amino transferase. 13 u/l
    Serum alkaline amino transferase. 74 u/l
    Serum albumin. 41 g/l
    PSA. 1.4 ug/l
    Serum test. 12. 8 nmol/L
    Serum free t4. 11 pmol/L
    Serum TSH 2.1 mlU/L

    Only one to come back with any concer was
    Possibly down to dehydration.

    Cycle Test E, 200-250 twice a week.
    HCG 250 iu eod.
    Armidex .25 eod
    Nolvadex , staggered pct 50,40,20,10
    Clomid, Staggered pct 50, 40, 20,10

    Saw plamento.
    Milk thistle.
    Multi vit.
    Flax oil.
    Anything recommended ?

    I will attempt to reduce body fat a bit more before cycle.

    Age 53
    Training since teenager, all other info has already been posted.

    Is it time for me?
    Welcome any feedback.

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    please update your test with ranges included.

    are you on medical TRT?

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    No, I am not taking TRT, unfortunately the ranges are not listed on the results.
    My goal is to add some lean muscle, I would be happy to stay the same weight, but drop say 8lbs of body fat whilst replacing the fat with muscle, I know that's going to be tricky diet wise, but it should be achievable with a little work.
    I want to put myself back to where I was 10 years ago and then use that as a base for gradual improvement, I am not looking for huge gains and subsequent losses.
    I want to keep bloods as stable as possible, being a virgin to ASS, I am hoping to improve with minimal use of ASS.
    I am planning test e only.
    Well being is as important as muscle to me, my doctor like all GPS in the UK, wanted to tranquilse me with anti depressants when I presented him with the ADAM form, they would rather turn you into a zombie when you reach 50 rather than deal with the real problem of hormonal change and reduced test production.
    My gp did say that my test results were on the low side but not enough to cause him concern.
    Are my goals unrealistic at 53, I have lifted for 23 years, my gp says grow old gracefully I say fxck that.

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