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    recent bloods raise new questions...

    hi guys, i'm 6 weeks into my trt protocol (200mg test cream daily, no ai, no hcg because my doc is retarded)

    first 4 weeks were great, all my symptoms disappeared; last 2 weeks not so great (eq was reduced, sense of wellbeing reduced, ++ hot flushes and palpitations) so I went and got bloods...

    bloods showed:
    total test: 28.1 nmol/L (10-28)
    SHBG: 30 (15-48)
    FAI: 93.7 (15.5-102)

    these look pretty good; the t cream is doing its thing (tt was 12 prior to treatment) and the t in my blood is relatively unbound.

    LH 1.3 (1.7-8.6) LOW
    FSH 0.5 (1.5-12.4) LOW

    these are below normal range - which I guess we can expect with the trt. prior to trt they were low normal.

    Estradiol 103 pmol/L (0-155)
    looks ok, however i asked doc to specify sensitive - dont think he did.... so this could skew results.

    progesterone 4.7 (0.0-4.4) HIGH

    DHEA 17.5 (4.7-13.4) HIGH

    Now these last two are what i find most troubling.
    This is the first time ive had progesterone tested; could high progesterone explain my symptoms? i have ordered an ai from arr, and hope to manage it with this (as i understand it, ais will reduce estrogen - thereby 'inactivating' some of the progesterone) I might also get some cabergoline - apparently by dropping prolactin you drop progesterone ... any thoughts on this? vit b6?

    As for DHEA, i was not expecting this to be HIGH
    From what I understand exogenous test suppresses the pituitary gland - which means adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) should be low, which means DHEA should be low... I would appreciate comments from those more experienced with these tests...
    Could I have adrenal hyperplasia... or perhaps some sort of neuroendocrine malignancy going on? pheochromocytoma, multiple endocrine neoplasia... there are a few that come to mind.

    I mentioned this to my doc and he didnt wanna hear about it... I wanted new bloods, so I could see where my cortisol, acth and calcium levels are at (high levels of calcium indicate parathyroid hyperactivity which would serve to support some of the differentials)

    .... but he refused to do further blood and also refused to renew my script for test cream... as he has "changed (his) mind about prescribing to someone (my) age..."

    so... where to from here? I'e got some dodgy bloods that im not quite certain on and that my doc isnt willing to discuss... and im fresh outta trt...

    note: on hand ive got ar-r clomid.... and ive got 10mls of test enethate (250mg/mL) that I acquired from a friend (arimidex should also e arriving soon). I reckon I might self medicate until i can find another trt doc... but am yet to decide on the clomid or the test
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    How old are you?

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    20 mate

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