Took in a piece of paper with everything i need testing for. They tested my thyroid and lipid levels, but said the rest of the test may take longer. If they don't receive the results by Monday, I'll be going back in for another blood test to get everything else checked. My test came back at 397 back in march, which is low for a 21 year old so i requested the same tests as KelKel recommended in the stickies. Would like some feedback to see if my levels are ok.

Thyroid function test

serum tsh level 0.49 miu/l (0.2 - 4.0)
serum free t4 level 16.8 pmol/L (10.0 - 20.0)

lipid levels

serum cholesterol 3.5 mmol/L
serum HDL cholesterol level 1.2 mmol/L
serum triglyceride levels 0.8 mmol/L (<2.3)
total cholesterol: HDL ratio 2.9
serum LDL cholesterol level 2.0 mmol/L