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    Really bloated. e2 seems fine?

    Ok, so I just started trt about 5 weeks ago so this could be just my body stabilizing and adjusting but im not sure. Ive been getting really bloated in the stomach a couple days after my t shots. Usually lasts 2 days. Feels very gaseous like I need to burp with the force of a 1000 gods.

    I know its a sign of e2 being high but I dont really have any other symptoms. Nipples were slightly itchy for about a week when I started trt and they are very slightly sensitive and ache lightly every once in a while. But my rem and morning woods are masterful and I feel great. Lots of energy and I have a libido for the first time in my life.

    When I press on my stomach I get a real urge to burp, and sometimes do. A lot of gas build up. Anyone know what the deal is? Is it my body just adjusting? Also id say my face is slightly bloated as well, hardly noticeable, and I feel like im always hungry.

    My protocol is:

    T cyp 50mg x2 a week
    100iu hcg ED
    Cabergoline for prolactinoma
    No A.I.

    Should I just go with a probiotic and maybe some DIM?

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    I think you should wait for BW which should be very soon. Don't jump to conclusions.
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