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Thread: Bruising with Sub-Q Injections (hCG)

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    Bruising with Sub-Q Injections (hCG)

    Anybody ever experience bruising and swelling with sub-q injections? My last two hCG shots have bruised around the injection site -- one resulting in a near 2-inch bruise! I'm guessing I nicked a capillary? Would contamination of the vial and/or solution ever be a factor? Are there any tips to avoid bruising in the future? (they aren't very aesthetically pleasing lol).

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    Are you pinching or just sticking. When I stopped pinching I had some huge bruises. I went back to pinching and not even one.

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    I was injecting in my love handles and got a hematoma. It was bruised and sticking out much further than the other side. Doctor told me it was just bad luck and I must have hit a vein.

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    I pinch and no bruising, but that's just my whopping 2 weeks experience lol

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    I pinch near the navel. No bruises in two months.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Some bruise..some don't in stomach area for me.

    Although if I really don't want bruising, or at least hide it just shoot sub-q on lower body sites. I've done many sub-q shots of test-c when was doing TRT sub-q and never got 1 bruise there.

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    I have experienced a couple 1" or so bruises on my abdomen from SubQ HCG injections. Nothing to worry about, the bruise with subside in a couple days.
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    i like to rotate from thighs(left and right) and then every once in a while i will do stomach fat. I like doing it in the thighs but I always worry since there isnt much fat there that stomach is better, so i did stomach today..prob will do wednesday's injection on other side of stomach, and then go back to thighs for a few weeks.

    ive never bruised but ido noticce sometimes the injection is more painful than other times. i use a 30 g needle and it is never any pain i cant handle, but i notice sometimes it doesnt hurt at all and other times i feel a little pinch.

    i have on occasion been sore when injecting n the stomach or leg, but nothing too crazy and nothing with a long duration.

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