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    HCG stock pile almost gone...............

    ....and the company I was buying from (Pep----M--) is not making it anymore. My test cyp is under a doctors prescription but he will not prescribe HCG so Ive been self medicating that for 2 years. I notice on the peptide sites that clomid is readily available. Is this a good alternative? If someone has a better solution, could they PM me. Not sure what I should do next.


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    If my doctor didn't prescribe hCG , I would be looking for another doctor.

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    I'm in the same boat… I've got a *great* doctor, can't say enough good things about him, but he's just not comfortable with prescribing HCG . He knows I take it, he just won't prescribe it. It's the *only* thing he's refused me so far and I sure and s**t wouldn't trade him for another doc because of it. Even so, from what I understand, even if you have a script, no insurance will cover it and compounded pharms who have it charge a ridiculous amount for the stuff, so it's still *much* cheaper to order on line.

    That said, finding sources for HCG seems to be more and more challenging these days. I'm currently out because the known current sources I've used either stopped caring it, closed up shop or are not taking credit cards right now and that's how I have to pay.

    If you find a source ctenosura, please PM me too. If you don't mind paying by direct transfer from your checking account, I can give you the two sources I know… Just PM me.
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