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Thread: Is this normal for the SHBG to drop like this?

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    Question Is this normal for the SHBG to drop like this?

    I started TRT around two years ago. The first year wasn’t good, but a start. The Doc started me on 200mg of Test Cyp per month. I didn’t like this as I had mood swings, etc. With follow up tests and still low and dropping T levels the Doc upped the protocol to every two weeks. I felt better but not great. About six months later more texts and way low T levels (210), the Doc upper my protocol to 300mg every 2 weeks.
    I waited 3 cycles, seven weeks and got tested again and had a large swing in Total T levels but a drop in SHBG.
    So my question is this normal for the SHBG to drop like this?

    I’m 52, 175-180, 6-1, lean with mostly cardio work outs (Boxing and Jiu Jitsu) 3 times a week.

    All other BW and such came back in normal ranges.

    • Standard range 3/25/13 5/6/14 5/6/14 8/26/14 12/18/14 3/19/15
    • 11 - 78 nmol/L 29 27 26 18 Yes, twice the tests where not run.
    • 221 - 716 ng/dL 341.1 326 316 322 210 924

    Sorry, I could not get the spacing good here?
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    It's time to find a new doctor. The doctor you have now doesn't know what he is doing.

    Because of Testosterone Cypionate 's half-life, it should be injected no less than once a week.

    Would also be a good idea to find a doctor who understands HGC.

    Fix those problems first and see where you stand.

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    Well he does have a Medical Doctorate I'll assume...and that's more then me, so I'll keep him for the time being
    I'm aware of the benefits of weekly dosing. I'll inquire about that in the future but every other week works for me now.
    He wasn't on board with HCG but left it open and I will be pursuing that too yes.

    Just trying to figure out way the SHBG is down as I thought it and T levels went hand in hand?

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    i agree with Oingo, your doc is clueless. and yes SHBG is expected to drop for most TRT'ers.

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    I will becoming more assertive with my Doc yes.

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    Take note of your last total test level (which is the only good one) and then at your last SHBG level.
    The quickest way to reduce shbg is to add test. Test suppresses shbg.
    Smaller weekly, or even twice weekly injections could help to alleviate this.
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