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Thread: Underdeveloped?

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    Been lifting 2 years and when I look at pics it just looks to me like I have the underdeveloped body of a 14 year old. Haven't had success adding mass no matter how many calories I eat. Now I am having trouble cutting fat. Doc tested my hormone levels and I am at total test 202. Got an appointment with an endo. Not sure if this is a contributing factor to me spinning my wheels the past couple of years or not. I just feel like I am still skinny fat. My BF% is roughly 20-25%. I assume if I cut to say 12% which is my goal right now that I will be a super skinny tall 170LB 6'2 which is roughly where I started before the gym. Nothing has ever gotten in my head this bad as far as goals go.
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    Your other thread has been moved to this sub-forum.

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