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    How to reduce acne on TRT

    Ive tried antibiotics minocin I don't know what to do anymore I get acne on my back shoulders and arms is there any sure way to reduce this please help.

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    accutan will work for sure no doubt but it is harsh on the body so it is usually used as a last resort

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    See a dermatologist. Acne for some of us is just a part of haiving the extra test. I did all the antibiotics, austinites remedy and took a 4 month cycle of accutane. I still break out. Accutane helped some, now it is only on my upper back but I have just learned to live with it. The sides sucked really bad for me, maybe too strong of a dose. Got to where my joints hurt so bad I couldn't even do squats. Not to mention dry nose and skin. Not all react the same so I am not saying don't do it, I would just recommend a good dermatologist no matter.

    If you are on Dr prescribed TRT, he may be able to help you also.

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    Side effect from the over expression of oil from sebaceous glands. Try showering twice a day.

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    How long have you been on trt and how long has the acne been present? Did you have bad acne as a teen?

    I had some acne also on the back after starting trt but it cleared up after about 1y

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