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    Anyone experimented with sub - Q Every other Day Injections?

    For example for 105 mg/week , you inject 30 mg sub q every other day or 0.15 ml per inject, and what did it do to your E2 levels, overall mood, sexual performance, energy etc, water status (dryer, more bloated etc)

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    its a generally accepted that more frequent injections will level off the peaks- which stimulate higher E production as the excess converts to E.

    if you were to take 105/week once, or split over 4 pins, you would find less conversion, less sides .

    the rest is subject to your own physical makeup- but i see no real benefit to EOD, maaybe at the start of your journey it may be a benefit- once the half life kicks in i would swap to twice a week after 4 weeks.

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    There are some here that do daily injections and swear by them. I have yet to try that. I pin twice a week and so far so good. The biggest factor for me to do that would be controlling my E2. Thankfully that hasn't been a problem .

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    The few months I tried subs every day felt good. Didn't like the little welts it was giving me on the surface of my stomach. I was injecting hcg with b12 and test all in 30g pin.

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