Hello all, just joined the forum recently but I've been reading posts for a while now and it has been really helpful.

As the title says, while I've been I've been living in Japan I started on TRT (for the last 3 months now) but due to unexpected circumstances I'm going to be moving back the US next month. I'm trying to figure out how to continue getting treatment back in the US without a big gap. Unfortunately with the doctor I've been going to here, all the injections are done in the doctors office and when I asked about the possibility of doing self-injections I didn't get anywhere. So, I'll be getting a shot right before I leave but after that nothing until I get connected with a doctor in the US.

I'm going to be back in California (where I was living before Japan) for the last couple weeks of June and then moving to Hawaii.

I've been on Japanese national insurance while in Japan so don't currently have insurance in the US and it may take me a bit to get that sorted out as I'm moving to a different state once I go back.

So, I've been looking for affordable non-insurance options but unfortunately the place that seemed the most promising (lowtestosterone.com) doesn't work with patients in Hawaii.

Any suggestions for other places that are easy to work with and not super expensive?