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    TRT week 13 blood test results

    Hi, I've been on trt now for about 14 weeks. I inject roughly 70mg test cypionate twice weekly. I haven't been taking an AI, though I do have arimidex on hand. Blood was drawn about an hour before scheduled injection, so during a trough (if there is such a thing when injecting twice weekly). Results were as follows:

    Total Test: 1217 (250-1100)
    Free Test: 336.8 (35-155)
    Estradiol, Ultrasensitive: 71 (< or = 29)

    so, should I lower dose or add an AI? or both?

    thank you

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    Based on those numbers I'd lower test before taking an AI. You said you take about 70x2, try dropping to 50-60 x 2 and see what that does. You're free test is great, so you have room to come down quite a bit and still have good levels.

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