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    Question Low Energy/Drive 2 years post-massiv internal bleeding incident/ abdominal laparatomy

    Hey y'all, been having low drive/low energy for the last couple years since I had a major series of operations following a ruptured perforated ulcer in my small intestine that resulted in massive bleeding (I nearly died) the doctors told me I would experience significantly lower energy levels over the next few years as a result of the incident.

    Im currently 5"11 222lbs 18-20%BF , I haven't gotten sick in quite some time, I lift 3-5 days a week and my strength seems to be decent enough, although I feel compelled to drink coffee or red bull or pre workout to get myself to the gym. I just lack the mental edge and energy that I seemed to have prior.I can still deadliest 405x6-8 reps, squat 400lbs, but my bench has fallen to maybe 225x6-8 reps when before (although I was on some gear was deadlifting 760lbs, squatting 600 and benching 315-18 reps) this was long before the incident.

    I was 245lbs 10% BF and dropped to 185lbs 7%BF throughout the 2 weeks in hospital.
    My blood levels (CBC) dropped to below 6 during the incident and I received 19 units of blood transfusions, 12 units of platelets, and 6 units of cryo, the doctor also put me on 200mg per week of watson cypionate to speed the tissue repair process post surgery. I made a miraculously 6 week recovery on test and then continued 12 weeks of enanthate @trt levels, then tapered off with HCG nolva and arimidex . Its been just about 22 months since the incident and my sex drive seems fine, I'm not nearly as aggressive as before, mainly passive in most settings. My diet is far healthier than it was before and have more sleep, just struggling to get out of bed most days and lack motivation.
    are my symptoms a combination of being off for so long aswell as the energy loss from the incident? Obviously it would be ideal to get bloodwork done again at an endo, but were my doctors wrong in that one could experience a significant reduction in energy years after a massive hospitalization?

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    No point in guessing without bloodwork and a physical.

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