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    Where could my T injection be going?

    I do 120 mg T cyp every 5 days IM, .25 anatrozol the day after shot, and 250 HCG M-W-F. I was doing fine on this protocol for a while and my total and free T would come in in the top third of the scale with sensitive E in the 20's. Had labs 3 months ago because I wasn't feeling right. My total and free came back mid range so the Dr. requested non generic T cyp to see if that was the problem. No change in 3 months as to how I feel.
    Here is my labs from last week taken the morning of injection day.

    T serum. 550 348-1197
    T free. 16.8. 6.8-21.5
    E sensitive. 27.9. 8.0-35.0

    I have appointment with Dr. this afternoon.

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    Blood work is just a snapshot in time. Also our bodies do change and protocols need to be adjusted to keep up. It's normal.
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