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    Need Advice for TRT


    I am 6.0ft, 250lbs and 46 years old. I have been using test-e for about 2 years as maintenance dosage. Dosage has been 1cc or 1mg once a week. been taking it steady for 2 years straight and my sources are all gone and looking to see if there is any good trt around the Pittsburgh, pa area. I know I most likely have to come off which is the scary part being my system most likely stopped producing test long ago...nor can I get any of the normal stuff to come off this...I was wondering what anyone would suggest I do....

    Should I just be honest and go to trt doctor and tell them my story, if so, who...
    Should I just quit cold turkey and then go....kind of worried what will happen if I just run out and stop all at one...any help is appreciated.......
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    Yes give us a call. We can help you.

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    If you go to a doc that specialized in TRT, I doubt they will be judgmental for self-medication. Good to get a professional on board anyway and especially to get the proper labs. However, if you look hard enough, finding a new source isn't that difficult. having said that, if you are going about it on your own, you really do need to get the right labs done on a regular basis.

    BTW, I'm assuming you mean either 100 or 200 mg of T-cyp, not 1 mg. 1cc can be either 100mg or 200mg depending on the strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjodirect View Post

    I am 6.0ft, 250lbs and 46 years old. I have been using test-e for about 2 years as maintenance dosage.

    Maintenance for what? Were you diagnosed at one point with low T or just felt you were low?
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