Dr Matt
I began my career as a teacher, teaching young docs how to do what we do. After about 2 years I moved into private practice and eventually into administration becoming a Medical Director and Chairman for about the last 8 years. In my time as a clinician I routinely dealt with the common emergencies like strokes and heart attacks as well as a host of problems related to diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. As an administrator I worked with other physicians to promote patient care as well as with administrative leadership to set and achieve departmental goals. I became very accustomed to both identifying patient expectations and exceeding them.
IMT Staff
I heard you were at the A4M this week. What is one of the most valuable take aways you got from your time there?

Dr Matt
That testosterone replacement historically was considered for men and even then only for men who were aware enough and capable enough to fight through the system. What I realized after this weekend is that Testosterone is essential for anyone who is low. Male, Female, young, old. The reality is that when testosterone is low it effects a persons ability to manage blood sugar placing them at risk for diabetes as well as effecting their ability to manage cholesterol. These things together are a recipe for stroke, heart attack and vascular disease. All told, I feel like I'm treating emergencies before they are emergencies. Truly, I left the conference with a sense of urgency to help people understand that Testosterone therapy is about so much more than just achieving a normal T level, but its about quality and longevity of life for men and women.
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