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Thread: HTH do you guys blast and cruise on TRT?

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    HTH do you guys blast and cruise on TRT?

    so ....ive read many accounts of guys upping their trt doses incrementally (10-12 wks etc ) to gain more muscle. How do you guys accomplish this and not feel shit from the higher dose of test? I am on 100mgs a week e2d injections to control E2 you guys run a low level AI for the blast then taper off and resume normal TRT doses? Id like to run 200 mg / wk for a blast but unsure how to proceed without screwing myself over lol...thx ! btw I have aromisin

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    Pretty much it. Bump up your dose, pull labs to determine AI needs, of course monitor HCT, and allow plenty of time at the end for your body to drop back down to your usual levels on your normal TRT dosage. Personally, I also like to pull full labs ordered online between 4-6 weeks prior to labs ordered by your Dr.
    Make sure you have your TRT fully dialed in before you start a blast. Otherwise, things could get overly complicated.
    Also, I wouldn't taper my dose downward. Just drop from a blast dose back down to normal TRT.
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    Don't waste you're time with 200 mgs per week. Honestly that's many guys TRT dose. Where does your Total T and Free T land on your current protocol? And like AG said above, there's no reason to taper off as test does that all by itself.
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