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    Does TRT affect the benefits of squats/deads??

    I try to incorporate the major compound movements into my training and have always looked forward to those days when I get to squat or deadlift because of their proven benefits to Test, HGH and whole body development but I got to thinking tonight while absolutely murdering my legs....aside from the muscles worked, is there still AS much benefit while on TRT considering were shut down??

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    I don't have a scientific answer for you, but I am on TRT and just glancing back over my labs, my IGF-1 have consistently been at or over the top end of the LabCorp range since adding in a dedicated squat day.
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    I put some thought into this a few months ago. Logic dictates that your test wouldn't be increased but that the other growth factors would (IGF and HGH), if your not supplementing them exogenously. Plus, compound movements build more muscle than isolation, independent of the hormonal benefits

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