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    UK help

    Hi all,

    I am in the midlands. Can anyone recomend somewhere to get bloodwork done? When I went to my GP the did a blood test and said I was normal and that was the end of it.

    I then had a private test just for T only which again came back as normal but the doctor did say it was low 12.8 nmol. They have prescribed Testim. Which I am using at present.

    After doing research it seems that the majority of people do not rate the gels. ĎIfí the NHS can help they will only prescribe gels or Nebido. Nebido seems to get mixed results.

    So I am now researching test cyp and hcg as this seems to be the best way to stabilise everything.

    Any help or advice is always appreciated.

    I am 33 92kg. (Lack muscle and look tall and slim) my weight is carried on my midsection / love handles.

    I have had a low lobido for years and since the age of 24 have struggled with elections. I have therapy and hypno therapy. I have been prescribed viagra and cialis which although works for the errections itís more of a robot penis as the desire hasnít been increased so it feels like going through the motions. This has an effect on my mental health as well as my wifeís!

    I have always suspected low T as I match the nearly every single symptom except weight gain. At the age of 21 I weighed 67 kg. And now 92. I have been 92 kg for years. My energy levels seem OK until after dinner then they are non existant. I am now strength training 3 times a week.

    I just want to feel like a normal person.

    Today is day 2 of Testim.

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    Hi Chickbock,
    I feel your pain brother, I am in a very similar situation, only my GP will not help at all. My T levels where 14nmol and I was told that the 'normal' range is between 9 & 34 and therefore he would not help. He did offer to prescribe anti-depressants though, if I was feeling down :/

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    Dr douglas savage at the leger clinic in doncasters seems to be good. Im with him atm. Hoping to go on nebido.
    He offers clomid, hcg , sustanon and nebido as soloutions afaik

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