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    Question TRT/Androgel Questions

    Good day, chaps. I've a prescription for Androgel , the 2.5g packets. Been on it for a couple of weeks now, things are going tickity boo. One packet a day.

    My question is how long I'll be 'glowing', on the off chance I'll have to provide a urine sample during competition.


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    Since you have a Rx ask for some blood work. It'll be more accurate than a UA. I was on Androgel (via the pump bottle) prior to going to sub-Q pellets and I found it very difficult to stabilize my numbers. There are a lot of factors that impact absorption. I had three consecutive monthly labs performed and my numbers were 700, 1400, 300. That was enough to get my Dr. to move me to something more stable and reliable....

    Just my personal experience though.

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