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Thread: Low FSH

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    Low FSH

    I am 25 year male
    Height 57
    Weight- 55kg

    My FSH level is low (0.66) but my total testosterone , free testosterone,LH,FT4,Cortisol,Prolactin, and TSH are normal.
    I am off steroids from last 18 months.when i stop Steroids then i do not any pct.

    Please help me How to increase FSH ?
    Is low FSH is dangerous?

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    I'd be interested to hear what some of the learned members suggest. I believe the low FSH will cause a low sperm count, but if your LH is normal (which you stated) and Test is normal... I'd guess you're still getting a back to equilibrium from your 18 month stopping point. I'd suggest a follow up test in ~ 6 months? If the FSH is still markedly low look at the pituitary function. Low FSH is not dangerous that I know of, just decreases sperm production.

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    LH and FSH are highly episodic. You probably just hit a low point or the lab was not done correctly. LH and FSH generally secrete in tandem, but not always. There are separate negative feedback loops to the pituitary to independently lower FSH. I'd test again, first thing in the morning before getting worried.

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    What Y55 said. Remember it's only one blood test.
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