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    Npp/test/proviron blast

    Halfway through and feeling amazing! Man I have missed cycles!
    My heart protocol is:
    100mg test e per week
    50mg arimadex per week
    10iu hcg per week

    My blast is 14 weeks
    300mg test e per week
    300mg npp per week
    75mg proviron per day
    75 mg arimadex per week

    Any ideas on how to come back down to cruise? Or just go right back to hrt doses? After next blood work Ill do another blast w increased doses and add in Masterson and Ana at.


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    I am wondering about the return to baseline levels myself. I am in a very similar situation. Trt and going to blast with EQ for 12 weeks (300 Test/400 EQ/wk), which will leave me 1 to 2 months to get back to baseline TRT levels.

    Are you off by a zero or 3 on your Anastrazole (arimidex )? Usual dose being 0.5 mg eod, or every shot day. I use 0.25mg every 3.5 days. Might want to double check that.
    Also your hCG dose?

    I've never done NPP, but have done Deca , so I'll be curious to hear your goals and results. I personally haven't done a cycle for 10 years. Since starting on TRT, I feel fantastic and am excited to try the EQ. Just since TRT started I've packed on muscle and dropped BF and that's just the TRT level.

    Keep posting!

    I'll put up my blast in a different thread shortly.
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