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    Bpc 157

    Hi all,

    Not sure where to put this question - but I am wondering if anyone knows if all the BPC 157 is made in China or if there are places such as the US or UK making it. Does anyone know?

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    99% of BPC157 is made in china. There are some compounding pharmacies in the world like USA and Europe that are manufacturing in conjunction with progressive doctors using peptides for off label.

    The "problem" is that the machinery required to make peptides costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's more expensive to make peptides than steroids . I would imagine people are getting bent over on price.

    It's kindof like my script for HGH is $1550 monthly but if I went chinese I'd pay $400-600

    I know Dr Gabrielle Lyon incorporates peptides with her american athletes. She has a podcast - I want to say it's with Mark Bell but could be mistaken.

    Another really good podcast on peptides is from Ben Kapulski who interviews Francois.

    I personally just went with a generic option when I ran BPC and it worked wonders.

    I imagine one of the american vets here can point you in the right place for a proper company to purchase from.

    Ben greenfield's website has a page of basically "How to BPC/TB500" for the beginner
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    I have some coming from a place in the US. I will let you know if it is good or not.

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    Ive read that Core Labs is American and all their stuff including 157 are made in the USA.

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