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    Going in for TRT

    I have a scheduled appointment November 26th to get tested for possible TRT but am currently on cycle... When should I stop so it doesn't show up on blood work? I want to make sure my levels return back to their normal range, which was very low to begin with, and why I'm going in for treatment now... I had to wait 6 months for this appointment so couldn't wait and for on cycle 3-4 months ago cause I felt like death...which of course is no konger, I'm back to superman status lol

    I'm currently taking 250mg of test twice week combined with 4iu of HGH 7 days a week.

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    Stop now. Whether you pct or not is up to you but you need time to return to whatever your norm is. You can't go in there with zero'd out LH/FSH values and not expect a doctor to raise figure it out. Well, some wouldn't.....
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    A semi competent doctor is going to know you were on gear when FSH and LH come back at zero as Kelkel said. If the doctor isn't aware or isn't going to test for those two hormones they wouldn't be a good partnership with you for your health anyways.
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