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Thread: Does this bloodwork mean kidney issues?

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    Does this bloodwork mean kidney issues?

    I just got my recent bloodwork my doctor ordered after a month of having me on lisinopril for my blood pressure. He said he is concerned about my kidney function.

    I am 55 years old
    215 lbs

    On 200mg test Cypionate weekly split into 2 doses, 100mg every 3.5 days

    200 iu hGC twice a week

    25-50 mg proviron every day

    Lisinopril 5mg Daily

    My question is whether these out of range lab tests could be caused by my TRT protocol, and if so, what could I tweet to make it better.


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    I wouldn't be that concerned without getting another test, it is mildly elevated and can be explained by a number of normal things-dehydration, intense cardio, regular weight lifting, dieting, eating a lot of protein, etc... Anyone with a kidney issue that I see in the hospital, and some without kidney issues, always have higher rates. I would get it tested soon, eliminate other possibilities by not working out, etc...
    That's abnormally low and is troubling. If it is clinical, it could explain the high creatinine. You should get that rechecked right away and eliminate other possible causes before the test.

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    Thanks. The plan is to get retested this week.

    Does anyone think that my TRT protocol could have that effect on my kidneys?

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    EGFR is usually calculated from serum creatinine. I've had low eGFR a number of times. My nephrologist ordered a Tc tracer test and my kidneys flushed it out just fine. He said it's due to all my muscles. We're a similar age...

    There's a lot protein turnover for bodybuilders and coming off cycle, one can shed a lot of muscle and hence elevate creatinine. My guess is you're fine but you should get checked out.
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