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Thread: Increasing dosage temporarily on TRT

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    Increasing dosage temporarily on TRT

    I've been on TRT Approximately 17 months injecting 200 mg of test cypionate per week. I've accumulated an extra 1000 mg of testosterone over this time. I will be starting 50 mg of Anavar soon and I was wondering if there was any benefit of increasing my testosterone dosage while I take Anavar. And if yes, how much can I increase it safely? Thanks

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    What are your stats? What exactly are trying to accomplish? Your stats and goals will determine what u need to do.
    200mg/wk is pretty much a low dose cycle... So if u add 50mg anavar trying to cut, u already have more than enough test to protect the muscle.
    Anyways, all the guys who will read this will ask for your stats and goals before they can help.
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