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    Does losing weight significantly increase your T?

    I'm 23 years old and probably about 25lbs overweight, my levels have consistently been below 350 ng/dl. I've visited multiple doctors and have been told the same thing, "lose weight, your levels are not clinically low". So is 350 ng/dl not low enough to cause problems? Because I can definitely feel that something is off, from my sex drive, to my gains, and my lack of aggression. I'm not sure if it's just my state but even the low T clinics have stupid requirements for treatment if you're under 30.

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    Do full hormone bloodwork. FSH LH etc See what is going on. It will reveal the full story 95 of 100 times. 350 is low but not extremely low. My level was 68 when diagnosed primary hypogonadal. The hormone test revealed it plain as day. Fat weight usually impacts your bloodsugar and estrogen sides more than test level. Also I do not know a doctor that would not send you for additional bloodwork if you popped 350 Total testosterone . If they were a real Dr in the know they would test your free test after your complaints above.

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