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    PSA has tripled in six months

    Just got seriously scared. I'm 70 years old and have been on TRT for two years. My routine PSA test from six months ago was getting high so my urologist wanted me to repeat it in six months which I did this week. Results were scary. I'm up to 9.5 from the high 3's a few months ago. The Doctor wants me to repeat the test in a month and if the results are still elevated it's biopsy time. As many of you know the PSA number alone is a very unreliable guide. Nevertheless, I'm 70! My father had prostate cancer. I almost certainly have prostate cancer. The good news is that caught early, prostate cancer is very treatable. I am not in despair about it but I need to get proactive. So, what I would like advice on is what is the optimum way to get off the Test C and HCG ? Should I just go cold turkey? I still have some clomid around here somewhere. Would that help? I would really appreciate some knowledgeable support. Thanks!

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    3T MRI is the way to go. I've had it done.
    Finasteride has worked wonders for my BPH. I've been on 5mgs a day for probably 5 years with no issues, although some do have issues.
    Zero reason to come off your TRT protocol assuming it's normal.
    Google and read anything from Dr. Morgantaler regarding testosterone . He's pretty much recognized worldwide as an expert in testosterone / prostate, etc.
    Know that the "Saturation Model" that Morgantaler developed shows that the normal prostate saturates with testosterone at around 240 ng/dl (from memory) so testosterone above that level is irrelevant.

    Here's a video:
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