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    Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023

    Blood work about partway through a mini-blast

    180mg Test C per week (3x subq .24ml)
    90 Masterone E (3x subq with the test, .15ml)
    750 to 800 iu HCG (250 to 300iu MWF evenings)

    100mcg Levothyroxine (T4)
    5mcg Liothyrinine (T3)
    50mcg Finasteride nightly
    2.0iu HGH 5 days a week AM (about 1 week prior to bloods, before that is was 1.6)

    That's it.

    Blood work was drawn Wednesday morning, where my previous injection had been Monday morning. So, this was at a true trough, that is, I was due for my next injection Wednesday morning, but held off until blood was drawn to inject. Previous HCG injection was Tuesday morning.

    The Test C and Mast E is from PharmCom, the HCG is Zyhcg. Thyroid meds are prescribed, as is the finasteride, though I did make my own liquid with rum. HGH is ZPTrope, 12iu vial, and I do 2.0iu in the mornings.

    All systems look good except estrogen. Note that like 3 or even 2 years ago, that high of estrogen would have had me panicking like a redditor on SARMs . Now, I'm just like "eh, that explains it. Let me bring it down some"

    My IGF is up some more, so I call that good, though I THINK I would like to see it around 225'ish. I did inject my HGH about 1 hour before blood draw.

    PSA has still not moved, but it hasn't gone up, and Free % is good, so no concerns there. I still expect total PSA to come down some in time, as long as the fina is in the loop. I am peeing freely, so that is good, and I do NOT have to get up in the middle of the night.

    The standard cholesterol numbers look fine!

    Next steps
    I will introduce an AI for a short time to bring down my estrogen. It feels like it is too high right now, libido not perfect, a bit softer than I should be. Also, a new side for me: acne. I get some on my chest, though easily controlled. Note that the elevated estrogen is at least in part because of the finasteride. Though I am experiencing no low DHT sides, it does allow more test to convert to estrogen.

    I'm also going to alter my protocol slightly. I don't want to rely upon an AI long term, so I'm moving to a 150/150 test to mast ratio. That should do a better job of keeping the estrogen in check.

    I see a blood donation in my near future.

    I'm going to increase my hgh from 2.0 to 2.5 iu, probably starting next week.

    I intend to run this till end of October and drop back to TRT at that time. That will be a total of 16 weeks, which should be fine. I'll pull bloods again at end of October, though I may switch to lower dose Mast P at the beginning of October. Not sure about that, I will see where I land.

    Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-01.jpg Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-02.jpg Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-03.jpg

    Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-04.jpg Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-05.jpg Mini blast midway blood work - August 2023-cylonbloodsaug2023-06.jpg
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