I started TRT 3 weeks ago - 100mg TEST CYP/week. I'm prone to gyno (from past AAS cycles) and noticed after the first week my nipples were a little itchy.

I had some blood tests done the day of my second shot (just before it)
Total T = 15.4 nmol/L (8.4 - 28.7)
Estradiol = 98 pmol/l (00 - 191)

So estradiol is midrange.

I had my third shot this week & also have noticed my nipples are very puffy & one is also sore with a very small lump.

My Endo has given my 60mg Evista / day - to help it.

Does anyone have any experience using this ? Will it help ?

I only started yesterday, but I'm sure the nipples are even more puffed today !

Is evista the best, or should I be using something else.

Please help, really concerned !!