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    I am only 28 and i have a gallbladder that doesnt really function properly. Could this cause skin problems, dry red eyes, flushing of skin and face. Sensitive skin? Just curious if anyone knows this. i did have pains in stomach but that went away. I got tested for gallbladder and doc said he recommend getting it out. However, i only heard side effects of it where pains in stomach or back, etc....not what i am having. Just a thought?

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    bro you need to ask your doc about that..

    don't mess with your health,, there may be bros here with similar gallbladder issues but i would still ask my DOC asap if i were u.

    good luck

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    If you really had a gallbladder attack you would totally know it. You will feel like you have a very bad flu or stomach virus but not quite stomach and you will :vomit: bile!

    If you have it out during an attack they cut you right up the middle leaving a great scar, (not my taste but you might be able to make a good story out of it)

    If you wait the the agony stops (and of course it doesn't rupture) you have laproscopic and a 1/2 in slit out feeling fine in a day.

    I decided not to have it right away and bide my time interviewing doctors etc. After a year (and I watched my diet carefully not to eat high fat or rich foods) I was fearing the worse and went under the knife. or Laproscopic.

    I thought I had asked all the right questions but what they didn't tell you is people who have the Gallbladder out risk something else and that is high cholestrol. Apparently the gallbladder is useful when people say you don't need it. MF!!! Pissed me off very much to know that.

    Ok that's what I know. Good luck to you!

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    cholecystitis is HORRIBLE...rated like the 2nd or 3rd pain anyone could possibly i hear...never had it...have seen many cases of can have it removed...cholecystectomy...very easy, quick procedure...but you will have digestive issues after...

    if you have it done via lacroscopicly you will have 3 small incisions which are hardly noticable...if it ruptures or they find something else while they are in there...they may have to split you from your xyphoid process to just below your naval...i wouldnt worry bout that though....

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    I had a similar case to you 20 months or so ago. I waited it out until one day I ended up with the worst pain I have ever felt, with nothing you can do to relieve it. Very shortly after that I had it pulled out.

    I had keyhole surgery, and was out of hospital in 3 days. Once I healed up fully and got back in the gym (about 6 weeks I gave myself) I found I felt MUCH better. I believe that the gallbladder had been effecting my health mostly without me knowing.

    Since getting it out the only 'cons' that I have noticed is that my body seems to only be able to digest a limited number of fats per meal. Somewhere up to the 60g mark. Anymore then that and I start to feel very bloated and a little nausea's.
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