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    Is it possible to lower natural test levels for before labs?

    Obviously since I'm a female this question isn't from me but from a friend of mine.

    "Just went to the endo today , unfortunately i only have one around my area. When i first wanted to do a cycle i found out my test levels were low , i had only 20-40 points above the average level which is considered low average. He explained to me that If my free test is in the average line , they i do not need anything , even if its a point or 2 above. So he is going to have me do 2 blood test, one now and one 2 months from now and see how they vary. Is there a way i can get my natural test levels down?"

    Thanks in advance for your responses - Kats

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    maybe he should find a new endo???

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    If he doesnt give you what you need, take a copy of your bloodwork to someone with a better understanding of what you need. With those values youll be able to get the fix.

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    I bumped an old thread that you should read. The unofficial how to lower your test thread. Check it out.

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