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    Whats the differance from a gp an a endo

    What will be the differance in going to a endo the first time than my gp,he has never done test to see why my test is low,will a endo want to find out why.

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    An endocrinologist will test your T levels and then probably start you off on HCG to determine of your low T levels are due to primary or secondary hypogonadism. If you don't have to go to your GP for a referral then I wouldn't bother. Go straight to the Endo.

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    Peptide is correct...if you do not have to have a referral just bypass the GP. They are relunctant to prescribe HRT and when they do they have you in line with and endo already to take the burden off of them. An endo will run tests to find out why and after he eliminates prostate cancer, etc he will get you on the road to recvoery.

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