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    Low Testosterone levels for a 25 old guy


    I recently just got my blood tests back from my doctor.

    The blood test showed a result of 11.5 nmol/l which is 302 ng/dl.
    I know that this is incredibly low for a 25 old guy.

    I also have simptoms of low-test such as chronic fatigue, muscle weakness/ low strength, hot flashes, muscle loss, frequent urination, poor concentration, long recovery times from exercise, high pitch voice, poor beard growth etc...

    My doctor seems to think that these are normal levels for a person my age

    Any way I tried to explain to him many times that I am suffering effects similar to "hypogonadism" but he keeps on "brushing me off".

    Does anybody have any idea's of how I can convince my doctor that I need serious help. First of all I am changing doctors as soon as possible. I live in the UK if that helps.

    I am also looking for some sort of legitimate research paper which states that a person who has about my levels of ng/dl test can suffer problems in my age group. I would like to show this to my new doctor so I can actually get some help.
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    Self medicate like so many people I know. Jk Don't take my advice from that standpoint. You may want to go to an endocrinologist. Also, your test levels may be normal you might just have a lower number of androgen receptors in areas like hair follicles, muscle tissues, etc. I would submit myself to further testing, checking other hormonal levels etc. Then after you have seen the specialist, it would then be up to you whether or not to try supplementing with other anabolics. This will not fix your hypogonadism if you do have it. It will only eliviate the symptom or better. But if you ever stop supplementing, your condition will regress to worse than it was before.

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    Hi Bro,
    what you mentioned it seems you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You have all the symptoms except sleep problems. It its so you are in for a very bumpy ride.

    But regarding TRT I found a very comprehensive protocol on how exactly to do it, with hcg and test, I can send it to you if you want. Before you do it though, do all the blood work to rule out liver problems, high estorgen, and all.

    However if related to cfs, this is mostly woman disease, and woman do have low estrogen, for man is not much study done in this aspect so they dont know, but i have it and got it when i was 33, and my doc said its typical for women patients.

    please let me know if you need any more info, My advice is dont start spending too much money until you know what is going on.

    good luck

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