I made this its own thread in order to ask a more specific question about E2 managment with arimidex , or in my case liquidex.

This is sort of a continuation of this thread: http://forums.steroid.com/showthread...imate-erection

Well, while i have noticed some improvement right away with the reduced dose, cardio, and diet, I think things could still be better.

I am considering droping my dose to 120mg EW, with 2x EW injects of 3 tic marks, or 60mg.

Not sure if its needed or not however. Also considering running a bit of caber at 0.5mg just once or twice to reduce any prolactin that may hav built to high levels while I was cruising at 300mg EW of test.

One thing that has been bothering me lately has been the lack of morning wood.

Nocturnal erections are very important for erectile health, and I want them back.

Then there is the chance I am converting too much to E2, and while I do plan to get some blood work done, I have about 50 days to wait until blood test (insurance sucks), so I am going to attempt to remedy this on my own with a reletively cheap solution, one which hopefully will come out right on the blood test.

I am familiar with Arimidex being dosed at 0.25mg E3D, starting at 2 days after the shot...

What I am thinking of doing:

test cypionate: 60mg 2x EW mondays and fridays (tiny 5/8th 25gg pins)

Liquidex: 3 squirts or 0.3mg on wednesdays and sundays (I'm pretty sure with the liquidex that 10 squirts is 1ml and 1mg, someone correct me if I'mwrong)

Is there a better way to split up the dosing of the liquidex?

Everything else the same with cardio and diet as listed in previous thread.

What I am looking for is morning wood. I am confident that the right dose of test, combined with keeping E2 in the 20-30pg/ml range should, as well as proper diet and cardio should not in any way need PDE5 lowering drugs.

As far as I know when E2 drops to low, < 20pg/ml you know it because this is when morning wood stops. It also is supposed to stop happening at > 35mg/ml.

In other words morning wood should be a good indicator that E2 is in the proper range.

Does anyone have expereince with the dosing of TRT and Arimidex and using morning erections as indicators of E2 levels?

Come to think of it, since I'd be using the liquid form of arimidex, liquidex, perhaps it would be possible to spread those doses out more evenly too.

As far as I know the 0.25 E3D, or 2x per week protocol was developed because thats the smallest the pills could be broken down into.

With liquidex would it be possible to do 1 spray (0.1mg) each day? too keep it more even, or maybe 1 spray EOD?